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Debut EP 

The Key Of Seven

Release update: 9/24/2020

I think it should be a musicians main objective to try to not only make the best art possible for them at that point in time but also make sure that their music does not give a negative message to their listeners. We listen to music for a lot of reasons, but one of the main ones is to escape this dysfunctional world we find ourselves in everyday. So why not give a message of strength and hope and encourage the listener to be the best version of themselves. 
Philip Travis
Founder of IF




Philip Travis founder of the band IF started creating this new material around late 2018. Funky Fruit was his first endeavor. After close to a 10 year hiatus from writing music he thought it was time to give it a try again to see what would come out. Almost 2 years later here is the EP he has put his heart and soul into making. 

In this project Phil has had to learn how to wear pretty much every hat there is to wear, song writer, engineer, producer, graphic design and promotion. This is become common practice now in the music industry. Which in some ways is a good thing as it gives all control to the artist. The very thing DYI punk's were doing way back in the early to mid eighties. Now is a scary time for musicians but also exciting as they all have a say to what happens. Lets do this right this time.



Management / Philip Travis, soultribe34@outlook.com

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